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Letter for the Communities

Dear Benefactors,

The committee of «AHAVAT-RAHAMIM-FRANCE » dedicates thank for your support to help thousands of underprivileged persons in Israel - for this particularly critical period...
(more than third % of the Israeli children live below the threshold of the poverty!)
The entirety of your help will reach them through

- Alimentary Bank : Weekly distribution of parcel and particularly - thousand - for the holidays.
- Gift and loans without interests to resolve a difficult period (unemployment, disease, newlyweds in the need…)
- Miscellaneous : bestowal of clothes, shoes, electrical equipment appliance reconditioned, for underprivileged people ;
- School and food support for the children, Bar and Bat-mitzvah…
More than 6000 persons in the uncertainty are helped…
- Taking over the old day persons, when their children’s are for the work :
meal collective, studies, conferences, Tehilim, conviviality to break the isolation ...

Volunteers' hundreds participate in these actions on the ground (young pensioners, youth movements, senior managers who dedicate it their time of leisure activities...) : there is no salary and almost totality of the management charges is taken care by the devoted persons to this noble cause...

The « AHAVAT-RAHAMIM » (Love and Kindness) and his founder are guaranteed by the highest moral authorities, city halls, newspapers, Israeli television…

A new Site Ahavat-Rahamim has just been inaugurated to HEDERA, after those of Kiryat-Ménahem, Ir-Ganim, Kiryat-Yovel, Homat-Shemouel...
Besides capital allowing the supply of helps of first necessity, we have an urgent need of reception facilities premises. It is a question in fact of creating one

General Philanthropic and Multipurpose Center to Jerusalem
in solidarity with our Israeli brothers in the storm.

Needs are enormous: together, and by means of G.. let us try the challenge!

The Enjoyment and the Relief which you get to the poor men,
will be your best REWARD ,
And your most beautiful SOURCE of BLESSINGS.