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Dear Friends,

Ha Rav Hagaon Rachamim Benamara left us the first day of Rosh Hashana 5762 (18 September 2001). The day before, his last “material” deed was the signing of his last check for his charity institutions.
Afterwards it was just spirituality :
prayers from the siddur of Rosh Hashana he used from the time of Pessah, Psalms and Mishna… When one of his students, a Dayan, came to blow the shofar he asked him to go over the prayers of Rosh Hashana without any omission. (In the Jewish mysticism the shofar is the ultimate prayer purifying the soul).

Then he closed his eyes and his Neshama went back to the Shechina without physical or moral suffering - at the age of 87 (“PAZ” means “pure gold”) .

He was granted his last wish, found afterwards in his Tsavaa: ”today, 7th of Adar 5753, anniversary of the death Moshe Rabenu– Should I be granted the same death”.
Such was his death “in a kiss”. Our Sages say:” G-d grants the will of the G-d fearing people.” They also say: “In death, tzaddikim will continue to live. In truth we have the feeling that whatever we do in his name is immediately successful with G-d’s help.

And in his “spiritual will”, he wrote page 34 : “I founded these charitable institutions late in life (22 years ago). They are the goal of my life and the delights of my heart. I wish to leave them after my death… I am asking you to reinforce and develop them after I leave.” And page 35 :” Reinforce the institutions of “TEHILA LEDAVID”, CHESSED VE RACHAMIM” and “CHADESH YAMENU”, I am begging you to maintain and develop them.”

That’s why, immediately after the shiva, the statutes of our Association (according to the French Law 1901), concerning those three institutions, were registered. At the end of the month of mourning, all the legal side was completed. We were ready to start to receive all donations allowing those institutions to function.

Now we can do great things “Bli Neder” and create a large scale Philanthropic Association helping people in need, old people, sick people… It is up to you, Dear Friends. Your donations will give you great joy, the one felt when doing a good deed.

Even better : let us extend the family circle of AHAVAT RACHAMIM!

Get involved, don’t hesitate to contact your friends, as you know, one receives more by giving than receiving.

Moreover, at the time of Judgment for each one of us, the moral satisfaction to have helped people in need, old people and sick people, through Ahavat Rachamim, will weigh more than any material riches that you can’t take with you…

Bli neder, we hope to be able to build a Charitable Center in Jerusalem in order to help lonely old people in need, and try to give them back their dignity and the feeling of belonging and worth in the community…” and at the same time to ease the burden on their family leaving them alone during working hours. This center bears witness to the generosity and solidarity of the French Jewish community to our Israeli brothers facing different kinds of hardship and whose burden is getting increasingly difficult to support.

This project, the direct result of the experience of AHAVAT RACHAMIM and his initiator, has the support of the authorities, the population and the volunteers…

To finance such a project, we need the support of everyone: private people, companies, associations, Jewish Communities, Media…

Your generosity and your involvement with people in need will bring to you and your family the blessings of Isaiah, such as described in the Haftara of Yom Kippur…

"And thou shalt be like a watered garden and
like a spring of water, whose waters fail not"

(cf "Isaïe's Blessings" at the end of the heading "Prospects")