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This web-site offers to present succintly the Charities regrouped in the Ahavat Rahamim (Respect and Kindness) association, and their founder’s personality, Rabbi Rahamim Benamara Zatsal, as it appears in his books and in the approbations from the most eminent persons who guarantee his work.
We wish that it will contribute to mobilize men and women who have the fervour for the Good.

Sincerely yours,
The Committee Ahavat Rahamim

To increase the picture

To increase the picture
Ceremonie of the Chief Rabbi Benamara’s intronisation, as Rav in Jerusalem,
by Rav Ovadia Yossef ( Chief Rabbi of Israel ), with Mr. Dominitz, director of the Sochnout
Rabbi Rahamim, Dayan in Casablanca